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Here is where I put issues that I managed to resolute and ideas that I managed to make practical.  Some of the resolutions are based on trial and error and so having them documented is a way for me to relate back when needed.  Apologies for the "In Progress" status on some of the "How To"s.  You do realize that these "How To"s take some time and effort to write up and currently I'm super busy with work and other stuff.  If one strikes your interest, please send me an email and I'll be happy to continue the write up as soon as I can.
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How ToComplexityStatus
How ToComplexityStatus
Assign a drive letter to a long path Easy Done 
Delete windows update folders that were left behind Medium Done 
Make windows media player work in Portable firefox Easy Done 
Establish a secure tunnel to your home computer from virtually anywhere - part 1 Medium In Progress 
Fix the problem with flash video freezing in full screen Easy Done 
"Wireless Networks" is not showing when opening "wireless network connection" window Medium Done 
Fix a firefox error "The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem." Medium Done 
Configure "System Restore" to work the way it should in Windows XP Easy Done 
Why I'm I getting an empty page when accessing the Windows Update site in IE8? Easy In Progress 
Need to access a network share on a PC that is running a web server but can't seem to map to it  Easy In Progress 
I can't access my network shares with my WDTV Live HD Player. Keep receiving message "there is no media in the current folder" Easy Done 
No sound when playing MKV movie on my WDTV HD Media Player Easy Done 
Change the default language in a multi-language MKV movie Easy In Progress 
Maximize a flash video that does not allow fullscreen view Easy Done 
Virtualdub is showing "missing codec" when I play a WMV movie even though the WMV plugin is in the plugins directory Medium Done 
Get access to locked down services behind firewalls from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with a simple toggle Advanced In Progress 
Create an ad hoc wireless access point from your Windows - no router required Easy In Progress 
Speakers work but no sound on windows 7 Easy In Progress 
Windows 7 halts with message "Starting Windows" Medium In Progress 
iPod Touch charges to 86% max even when plugged for more than 4 hours Medium In Progress 
Play a DVD movie that was bought from a different country Medium In Progress 
Run Linux GUI applications on Windows without running a VM or a Linux Emulation Layer such as Cygwin Medium In Progress 
Fix the issue with Windows 7 taskbar always staying on top of other apps Easy Done 
Sound and video are out of sync when I converted an MKV movie using Popcorn MKV AudioConverter Medium Done 
XBMC media center shows blank entries for some Arabic movie and music titles Easy Done 
Firefox freezes when loading flash Easy Done 
Create an image of a partition or physical hard drive in Windows (the easiest way ever) Medium Done 
VMware Workstation says "VMware Tools Unavailable" Medium Done 
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