Need to access a network share on a PC that is running a web server but can't seem to map to it

It puzzled me for a while trying to map to a network share located on my other computer which runs XP Pro with SP3 with an Apache web server.  I kept getting a log-on screen to my web server.  How is that possible?  I'm trying to access a share using the two forward slashes \\ with the server name.The usual way to do it is by going to Windows Explorer, then from the menu, you go to Tools and click Map Network Drive

Checking into it further, I check the logs on my Apache web server and it showed me that I'm trying to access the web server using the WebDAV protocol.  Say what?  I'm trying to map to a network share, I don't want to access my web server using the WebDAV protocol.  So I take the logged Apache server message and started Google-ing for the possible causes behind this issue and so it turns out there is a story behind it.  Just another story from Microsoft, here it goes:

to be continued....