DOs & DONT's


  • Overwrite a file on an FTP server.  Some FTP servers will assume that the file you are trying to overwrite is a resume and so it resumes the older file with the contents of the new file.  To be on the safe side, rename the file you are trying to copy to a different name.  Upload it to the FTP server.  Rename the file on the FTP server.  This issue was encountered on Microsoft FTP Server on Windows 7.
  • Try to re-add a reseted RAID mirror if you plan to keep your data.  If you have a RAID mirror that you decided to reset (i.e un-mirror the hard drives for whatever reason) and then try to re-mirror them, you will potentially lose your mirrored data.  Be careful as trying to recover a lost RAID partition is not as easy as a non RAID partition.
  • Try to recover a partition on one of the RAID mirror drives.  Doing so will cascade the effect onto the other hard drive.  If you get a hard drive issue like a bad S.M.A.R.T event, simply replace the bad hard drive and it should mirror automatically.  Whenever you see a RAID problem, backup backup backup.