Fix the issue with Windows 7 taskbar always staying on top of other apps

if you discovered that Windows 7 taskbar always stays on top of all other apps including flash player in full screen, then you might have modified your theme in a such a way that caused this to happen.

One possible cause is making the font larger than the Windows default one as shown:

In case of having the font set the Larger - 150%, the issue of the Windows taskbar staying on top remains.  People might find this annoying when watching Youtube videos in full screen and the taskbar remains ontop.  This is especially true when the flash player controls are hidden under the taskbar.  What some people do is auto hide the taskbar so that it is only shown when the mouse is hovered over it and hidden when it's not.  Of course that's not the solution around the true issue here.

If you lower the font size to Medium - 125%, it might fix the issue.  If it doesn't, try to change your theme from using aero to basic by right clicking on your desktop and selecting Personlize.