Hot Keys

The following is a list of hotkeys that may be useful when no mouse is around or for quick access to certain functions.
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ApplicationHot KeyPurpose
ApplicationHot KeyPurpose
Notepad Ctrl - Right Move right to the first available word 
Notepad Ctrl - Left Move left to the first available word 
Total Commander Ctrl - F1 Show drop down menu of drive list on left panel 
Total Commander Ctrl - F2 Show drop down menu of drive list on right panel 
Total Commander Alt - Shift - F9 Test Archive. This can also be used for Unpacking Multiarc archives like .class files using JAD. Using the JAD addon, one can unpack .class to java to the same directory of .class file 
Total Commander Ctrl - F9 Print the selected file using the registered application it opens with. If the selected file is an archive, it will print the content file list of the archive 
Total Commander Ctrl - F3 Sort by Name 
Total Commander Ctrl - F4 Sort by Extension 
Total Commander Ctrl - Shift - F5 Create a shortcut to the current selected file 
Total Commander Ctrl + Up key Will create a new tab for the current selected directory  
Total Commander Ctrl - Tab Switch between tabs in the current working panel 
Total Commander Ctrl - D Display hotlist menu 
Windows OS Alt - ESC Switch between running applications without displaying the switching window (in seqential order) 
Windows OS Alt - Tab Switch between running applications and show the switching window 
Windows OS Win key - Break System Properties 
Windows OS Ctrl - Shift - ESC Windowa Task Manager 
Windows OS Win Key - m Minimize all windows 
Windows OS Win Key - Shift - m Restore window 
Windows OS Ctrl - ESC Open start menu 
Total Commander Shift - F4 Create an empty file under the current opened directory having the option to specify the file name 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen closed tab 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Shift - ESC Open browser task manager 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Ctrl - Shift - N Open a new incognito window 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Ctrl - Shift - B Toggles the bookmark bar on or off 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Shift - Alt - T Moves the focus to the toolbar. Switch buttons by using the left and right arrow keys 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Alt - Home Opens home page 
Google Chrome / SRWare Iron Alt - F4 Closes the browser window without warnings (careful with this) 
Showing 27 items