Maximize a flash video that does not allow fullscreen view

While watching streaming videos online, I came across a few videos that do not allow viewing in full screen.  This may be frustrating especially when viewing on a wide screen monitor or TV with high resolution.  I came across a trick that not only allows me to view videos in full screen, but also gets around the issue with playing HQ videos in full screen that require high processing power.  Such HQ videos will typically slow down the videos and in some situations freeze the picture while the sound continues playing.  This is not an issue with computers that have a fast processor and enough RAM but for those with older computers (in the range of 1GB RAM and 2GHz processor running at least Windows XP), you probably have experienced the slowness with Flash videos in full screen.

One way that I found to over come the issues I mentioned above (playing in full screen and getting around the video freeze) is by zooming in the page.  In most browsers, you can do that by holding down the Ctrl button and scrolling UP with your mouse middle button or by using the + button on your keypad.  This will enlarge your page including flash videos.  You can then use the arrow keys to scroll vertically and horizontally to have your videos centered.

Note:  You have to note however that for the flash video to enlarge, the video's height and width must be set in percentage and not in pixels.  This is usually done by setting the height and width to 100%.