I can't access my network shares with my WDTV Live HD Player. Keep receiving message "there is no media in the current folder"

One thing I've encountered with my WDTV Live HD Player is the inability to connect to my home network.  I kept receiving messages saying that "there is no media in the current folder".  Knowing that my network shares are available and fully accessible, the issue kept me wondering for a while because I was able to access the shares through my other PCs.  After doing some research, I stumbled across one WDTV forum and one person has said that changing the password on the network share might do the trick.  I've tried that and sure enough it worked.  I was able to connect to my network shares through the WDTV Live box and get access to my media files.  One thing to point out though is that my old password contained non alphanumeric characters and the new password was pure alphanumeric.