"Wireless Networks" tab is not showing when opening "wireless network connection" window

Have you installed a new wireless card lately and noticed the "Wireless Networks" tab is not showing up in the "Wireless Network Connection" window?  How are you going to connect to a wireless network without setting the required properties which are usually found in the "Wireless Network" tab?

This assumes that your wireless card is installed properly.  You can verify that by going to your Device Manager in System found in the Control Panel.

One possible cause to this is that the "Wireless Zero Configuration Service" is not running.  You can verify that by going to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services and scroll down until you find "Wireless Zero Configuration" service.  Make sure that its status is set to Running.  If you can't find the service then you will need to install it.

To install this service, make sure that the "Show hidden files and folders" radio button is checked.  You can find that under My Computer - Tools - Folder Options and select the View tab.

Right click on your "Wireless Network Connection" and choose properties to get the window shown above.  Click the install button.  Choose Service.  Click the Add button.  Click the "Have Disk" button.  Click the Browse button and browse to C:\Windows\inf\netwzc.inf.  Click OK.  Select "Windows Zero Configuration" from the list as shown:

Click OK then Close.  The "Windows Zero Configuration" service should now be installed.  Right click again on your "Wireless Network Connection" and click properties.  The "Wireless Networks" tab should now be shown.  If not, make sure the service is running and mentioned above.  Now you can set up your wireless network.  Take note that this does not mean that you can "View Available Wireless Networks".  This will only get you to set up your wireless network presuming that you already know the  SSID to connect to, and the security properties required.